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MD750+MD360[Wired] VGA+USB CCD dental oral camera

Time:2017-06-07 15:14source:dental camera writer:Magenta click:
2.0 Mega pixels CCD dental intra-oral cameras (USB+VGA plug)
Model: MD-750+MD360
Handpiece of MD750 oral camera handpiece
The picture of the intra-oral camera handpiece

Dental camera products features:
*New Nice design
*Super-wide automatically adjusting-focus lens
*Handpiece holder with automatic power-off function
*With USB/VGA output function.
*One and quad image can change easily.
*It can be quickly deleted image, re-captured, enlarge function and it also can be saved 28 PCS full picture or 112 pcs quad images.
*Can work with foot switch (option).
*Double capture button, easy operation.

 The docking station of MD750+MD360 oral camera 

Intraoral cameras’ product specitifcation:
Image Sensor: 1/4” Sony CCD
Image Resolution: 2.0 Mega Pixels
Output plug: USB/VGA
Lamp: 6 pcs white LED(5600K)
Accumulation Point: 3mm~50mm
Photographing Visual angle:105
Signal format: NTSC/PAL(option)

  The photo of MD750+MD360 CCD VGA+USB dental cameras accessories  
MD750+MD360 wireless dental oral camera’s accessories.
Camera handpiece * 1 PC;
Docking station *1 PC;
Camera sleeves * 50 pcs;
Handpiece cable * 1 PC;
USB cable * 1 PC;
VGA cable *1 PC;
Camera holder * 1 PC
Docking station holder * 1PC;
Adaptor * 1 PCS;
Screw * 4 pcs
Remote control * 1 PC
Software & driver CD * 1PC;
User manual *1 PC;
Remote control * 1PC