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MD-887 7inch touch screeen Teeth whitening accelerator with

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Teeth whitening accelerator
 dental teeth whitening system  Prducts feautres: 
*Nice new design;
*With 7 inch touch sreen.  
* Three LED light sources: Blue, Red,Blue&Red, Blue & Purple.
* Three choices of illumination:
1. 100% full power output           
2. 80% power output    
3. 60% power output      
 4. 40% power output   
 5. 20% power output                 
*Can be time,and clear the time by the key back of the machine.
*Three-stage power output selection, users can select a different power according to the patient's condition.
*The user can select needed time according to desired treatment, time adjustment range from1 to 30 minutes.
Teeth whitening system product sepcitifcations: 
Light source: 4~5 W blue LEDs & 2~3W red LEDs, 1W Purple LEDs.
Output Spectrum: 430nm~490nm (Blue) & 620~640nm (RED) & 380nm~410nm (purple)
Voltage: AC 100~240 V 50~60 Hz 1.2
* High tech LED module with 5 pcs high power 5 Watt Blue LEDs, 2 pcs high power 3 watt red LEDs and 8 pcs 1 watt purple LEDs 
We have 2 colors for customer choice: Pink and Blue. ( If the customer need other color, we could make for them, MOQ 500pcs).
*High efficiency wall conjoined sliding structural design, adjust angle freely and convenient to use.
*A multi-functional high-sensitivity 7-inch touch electronic display, easy operation.
*The logo and screen color we could change as customer requirement, MOQ is 500pcs.
*Work time counting function, comes with electronic lock, work time could clear by that lock for user .
*In the case of not working, the machine will go to sleep automatically after 60 seconds.
*Enclosed disposable sheath, prevent cross-infection, clean and convenient, let patient feel relieved.
Teeth whitening led lights Product Specification:
* Broad Spectrum:430nm~490nm (Blue Light)& 620nm~640nm(Red Light) 380nm~400nm(Purple Light) * Voltage :AC: 100V~240V
*Light source :4~5W/pc(Purple Light);2~3W/pc(Red Light); 1W/pc(Purple Light).

Teeth bleaching accelerator accessories:
* Host x 1 pc
* Feet x 1 set
* Goggle x 2 pcs
* Touch pen x 1 pc
* Sheath x 20 pcs
* Power cable x 1 pc