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MD-810UW wireless USB intra-oral dental cameras (China manuf

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2.0 mega pixels wireless USB intra-oral dental cameras 
Model number: MD-810UW

USB intra-oral camera cordless

USB wireless dental cameras Products features:
*Lastest lense and sensor keep the best image resolution. New nice design.
*Touch Switchs can choose ( Optional)
*No need any cable, save images more quickly and conveniently, more than 10m can operate easier.
* Build-in 1600mA Lithium battery.
*Totally 4 channels .
* With Pedestal charger, easy operation.

Wireless Camera intraoral Products specitifcations:
Image sensor: 1/4 sony CCD
Image resolution :2.0 mega pixels
Photographing visual angle:105 degree
Frequency: 5.8GHz
Message output :USB 2.0
Channel selection :4 channel
Receiving sensitivity :95dB
Output jack: USB

Camera handpiece * 1 PC;
Wireless USB receiver * 1PC;
Camera sleeves * 50 pcs;
Adaptor * 1 PC;
Pedestal charger * 1 PC;
Software & driver CD * 1PC;
User manual *1 PC.