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MD-1080A Video dental camera with SD card and rechargeable b

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Video dental camera with Micro SD card and rechargeable battery to TV screen

Model: MD-1080A

* Super-wide automatically adjusting-focus lens
* Six white LEDs
* With Capture button
* With Power on/off button

* 1/4" CMOS
* 2.0 Mega pixels
* Video output to TV screen
*  Build-in 800 mA rechargeable lithium battery
* Full screen display only
* Save pictures into Micro SD memory card.
* Can page up/down and delete picture on the handpiece.

Video Intraoral Camera system  products specitifcations:

*Image sensor: 1/4" CMOS
*Image resolution: 2.0 mega pixels
*Output jack: Video
*Lamp: 6 pcs white LED (5600K)
*Accumulation point: 3~50mm
*Photographing visual angle: 105 degree
*Signal format: NTS/PAL (option)
Cable length: 2 m

MD-1080A intra oral camera with SD memory card Accessories:
Camera handpiece* 1 PC;
Camera sleeves * 50 pcs;
Camera holder * 1 PC;
Power charger* 1 PC
User manual *1 PC;
8GB Micro SD card * 1PC